Building Equity and Diversity through your Executive Pipeline

Aura Leadership and Development believes the best companies are those with a thriving ecosystem. We are a premier, retained executive recruiting and consulting firm with a specialty focus on gender and diversity acceleration into executive pipelines.  With executive recruiting experience beginning in 1982, spanning Fortune 500, Forbes Top 50 companies, global institutions, and non-profits, our team has executed thousands of C-Suite and Board searches, all with a dedicated focus on equity in leadership.  We leverage a deep global network across the private, public, and non-profit sectors to bring clients a personalized, inclusive pool of talent. 

Why Diversity and Gender Equity? 

  • Research from leading global institutions (e.g. McKinsey & Company, 2007; Harvard Business School, 2019; Catalyst, 2017) demonstrates that companies with women and diversity on boards (and executive leadership teams) outperform their less diverse counterparts on several significant measures.   
  • Most notably, data shows these companies see improved profitability and accounting returns, higher price/book valuations, and increased ethical and social compliance.   
  • In addition to direct bottom line benefits, research also shows that companies with diverse executive teams experience increased innovation and productivity, fewer average governance related controversies, and improved employee engagement.  
  • Findings are especially robust when boards and executive leadership teams reach a critical mass of at least 30% women and/or diversity. 

At Aura Leadership and Development, we value an environment that is cultivated by social and professional diversity, as well as diversity of knowledge.  We are deeply committed to providing this equity in leadership, and building corporate leadership teams that reflect the society in which they operate.  

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